Build A Decentralized Renewable Energy Resources Network
Arkreen Network is a Web3-powered infrastructure for globally-distributed renewable energy resources, allowing the connection and monetization of carbon-reduction applications.
Energy Sector/Global Green House Gas Emission
Global Distributed Renewable Energy Equipment
Arkreen Mission
Digitization and innovative technologies, such as Blockchain, IoT and AI, will enrich the renewable energy prosumers’ portfolio  and boost the number of prosumers. The digitization of the energy system, provides the basic infrastructure for the future energy system and prosumer business cases. The blockchain technology could be the key to unlock the prosumers’ potential of generation, storage and consumption capabilities and flexibili-ties, as it enables prosumers to monetize their flexibility and demand response potential via blockchain without intermediar-ies. With those disruptive technologies, Arkreen Network aims to build up this digital infrastructure in a decentralized way from bottom-up by incentivized renewable energy prosumers.
Arkreen Flywheel
Builders and investors are encouraged to join Arkreen Staking program for community governance. Stakeholders can be elected into governance commission when they reach quorum. Staking-Governance on-chain program will be rolled out in near future.

Besides, Builders can stake $AKRE to bundle with their mining machines for higher reward ratio. The more you stake, the more you get rewarded.
Arkreen Network gradually connects renewable energy equipment of different types with a solid roadmap, from power generation to storage and consumption. Builders can join accordingly, and $AKRE token will be rewarded algorithmically. Different scenarios will open for order based on roadmap.
Arkreen Use Cases
Arkreen Network is an energy sector digital Infrastruc-ture-as-a-S-erv-ice(IaaS) enabled by millions of renewable energy prosumers to serve stagnated applications like Renewable Energy Certificat-e(REC),Virtual Power Plant(VPP), Electric Vehicles(EV)charging columns sharing etc. These applications have been hindered by s-cattered underlying resources for years, while with Arkreen as a d-igital infrastructure, they could serve as Platform-as-a-Service(Pa-aS) for end users.
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Use Cases
Besides token rewards,the Network builders have benefits as decarbonization contribution, energy bill saving,REC sales income,VPP event earning and other unimaginable applications enabled by Arkreen Network.
Serve as an offset by verifying trusted green data from renewable energy sources
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Enabling prosumers to monetize their flexibility and demand response potential with real-time data
Monitoring & Forecasting
Optimized trading through forecasting based on live data
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